Monday, January 25, 2010


So im not pregnant. Its a bit upset for me really. Maybe its not our rezeki yet.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

money money

OK I better write something up rather than melayan kan ngantuk yg kuase lapan. So Im officially BROKE. sob sob. I've only got like 5 hengget in my purse. My wedding which actually about a month ago really took a toll on me. So I was thinking to get a pinch from my saving account for me to survive next week. tapi sayangg nye. hehe kedekut kan.

Well not really kedekut. But Im saving up for something else. Our financial (hubby n me) is not that convincing currently. We're thinking about doing business or something to strengthen our economy. But its still at angan-angan mat jenin level. heh ;P

A colleague of mine just get pregnant. Having a baby. It would be a lie if I said Im not thinking about it. Wish me and saf would have one soon. Aminnn.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I wish..

OK I updated my wishlist for this year. Possibly add a few more later:
1) New Ariyani(s). - been wanting to buy the ones yg bercorak2 cause it looks pretty cool. why do you hv to settle for ariyani if you can ones yg lebih menguntung kan.. i also dunno why..
2) digital weight scale - have to watch out for my increasing weight uwaaa.. eventho hubby loves me seadanya. (hehe confident sungguh)
3)Swimming lesson - as part of my plan to loose weight and so that i can accompany him snorkeling. iskk.
4)Blousesss - hurm utk tuka style a bit. still in planning tho.

Alrightyy thats all for now. workkk..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lets crawl

I'm left behind. So lets crawl for now. but not too long OK!

One !

I was trying to work on my lecture slides but instead I spent one hour to find a name for my new blog. **sigh** hope this one would stay a bit longer.

Playing the climb and hoping I would get everything done. Chaiyok hidayah! Don't let what other people think about you get in your way so much ya! Bismillah....