Thursday, April 29, 2010

warna warni kehidupan

So me and a few of my colleagues (this word is hard to spell. Misc-tpvgames.gif)  went to a communication skill course. It was a two days course but I only managed to go for a day. They taught us how to speak the right english and stuff. Anyway it was pretty refreshing but towards the end they brought up an issue that got me thinking. And it is not a very good thought especially in a place like this country. Yup it is about race.

As a teacher I treat my students equally regardless of their skin color. But I can't help to notice that my-skin-color of students are very much weak academically. It does make me feel a bit upset. And I'm sick and tired of people saying; the malays are lazy, the malays are weak bla bla..

Does this looks like I'm living in denial. I refuse to accept that kind of statements. I just plain hate it cause when I look at my students most of them have good attitude and they respect us. Of course there's a few exception case but most of them are very polite. I'm still looking for the right way to teach. Maybe there's something that we're missing that makes the malays left out. I don't think it's because of english because they do understand english. It's just that they're not comfortable to communicate in english. So I'm still not sure what is it actually ...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new stuff

I have encountered with an interesting client technology a few weeks back: Flex. Its by adobe that have look n feel of Flash but with Flex we can program it. Hope I got this definition right. Actually its been introduced a few years back. I'm the one whose always in slow mo. hehehe.

So I'm planning to replace jsp and html with flex in the front end. But the thing of using technology that I'm not familiar with... It will always take me a damnnn long time to configure it!. And I'm 90% sure about this. But since I have a year to do this. What the heck. And it looks exciting so why not right. Anyway, the good thing about Flex, we can integrate it with almost all server tech. Java, PHP, coldfusion, etc. So in my case I pick Java, since thats the only language I think I have interest to do it.

So turn out the flex builder is using Eclipse; the same IDE for Java and that means we can edit both in the same editor and the same project. Found a nice simple tutorial for this configuration.But haven't quite finish it yet. Hope it works...

Another thing , it seems that I can't really host web site on my PC at work because for obvious reason; its in my workplace's network of course. I need the router password and whattnot and "fat chance" the IT people gonna let me have it. And I don't really understand all these networking jargons. So I thought maybe I can put in web hosting like the other people do it. But if we want to install the hosting server with any kind of software we need.. we can't. The hosting server that let us do that is.. dedicated server. And it is freaking expansive for rent. Like a few hundred ringgit per month. Hurmm.. I hope I'm getting all these info right.

So in my thought lets put the issue of publishing the web app or ria or whatever behind first. Lets focus on building the thing. And to start developing.. hurm lets see what should I buy now.. can't wait to spend on my grant. ;p

Sunday, April 25, 2010

feel bad

So today was just like normal weekends we had; movies, lunch, window shopping. But this time we bought something; books. I was looking for books for my research project actually and suddenly I felt so old-fashioned looking for books in store which I usually did it online. I mean for academic books. Obviously there were a lot more choices compared to this MPH store. But Borders have a lot more nice books and this reminded me back in Vandy where we sometimes waste our time in Borders reading comics for free. :P and had starbucks too. Those were the good old days.

So I bought this book titled: diary of a wimpy kid. It was a story of a kid but I like the way the book was written when I first read it.
I'm at page 136 now when I felt that this book had no climax whatsoever. It is a plain story of a middle school kid but with a nicer presentation. I think I'll pass it to my younger sister. See if she likes it. She bought this book; seven sorcerers or something that I can't even comprehend the content.

Hubby bought percy jacksons fourth book. We like this sequel so far. Hope this one would be even more interesting. When he asked for the fifth one (which I can't remember what the title was). The sales girl quickly replied bla bla and demigod bla bla.. and its only in hard cover.. bla bla I bought it .. bla bla..

And I can tell she's really into the books too. And I started to judge the girl this and that. In my mind of course. It is a really bad habit of mine. Judging people or assume things about people and I can't help it. Even though I don't say it out loud but sometimes I ter tell hubby and he would say all the gracious thing about not to prejudice others. hehe. I do know that I have no right to assume bad stuff about other people especially when we don't know them any better. Well I'm trying to keep it down now... Ok thats it. bye.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

new user

Me and hubby bought this new netbook MSI wind u160 last week as I kinda feel that I need one.. hehe. So anyway, ordinarily its equipped with windows 7 starter. I'm not a windows 7 user. so I didnt put much thought in it. until later I found out that theres quite a few deficiency in this version of windows. I can't even change my desktop background which made me thought how cheapskate microsoft can be. :P

So luckily there is a workaround for this; the name is oceanis. I guess what the software did it enable the window 7 feature to change wallpaper. and it works. yeay!

All in all I loykee this new gadget because... its new! hehe Its a bit slow though cause of the processor I guess. atom. eventhough we have upgraded the ram to the max; 2 gig its still not up to the normal laptop speed. thats what we have to compromise I guess.

Whatever boring stuff. I've been thinking it is about time for me to start my research for STG. Actually Im already late on schedule.. I should have started about two months ago. haiyaaaaaa.aa...aa.

hehe.. nice one.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lets be a manager

Another Task

Completed my little experiment.. Err sort of. Thanks to Russell Bateman for his very thorough tutorial. hehe
Have another task at hand now. Next semester subject!! waaa..
what to do. what to do. what to do.

to do list:
1) configure web server on PC
2) TRY hosting the web app on PC. (finger cross)
3) Search on Dixau DX3 <-- totally unrelated. heh

thats my want to do list. Here's my unwanted to do list. ;P
1) List all possible topics in Comp Prog in C
2) Divide them into 3 related topics
3) tgk calendar and start planning!


so the first double trouble that I have encountered in my little project was getting eclipse to run. After finish installing java -> JDK & JRE 6 update 20; Tomcat 6.0.26 and eclipse,... my eclipse won't run. did some digging and found out that eclipse can't find the JRE installed in my machine. Thats what I got for gatal2 did everything in D drive. Just dont want to mess with my C drive so much.

So I followed what the web guru suggested; run eclipse with -vm argument pointing out eclipse to the right path....

eclipse -vm D:\Project\jdk1.6.0_20\jre\bin

to be continued..


ok at least I got the web server and my first project running.. after a few months I left all this web thingy.

tomorrow gonna start with another basic stuff.. servlet! hehe my lecturer's gonna kill me if she knows I have totally forgotten what shes been teaching... for the whole semester! ;P

good night~~

Monday, April 12, 2010

meow meow

ok for the webserver we use this kucing and kopi.

time management

Lottsss to do with very little time. By tomorrow I should have settle...

1) Marking PMD Report.
2) Open my checking account
3) Pay my debt to da lawyerr.... :(
4) Have my Fail Meja done.
5) Study project yg nk kene present tomorrow. waaaa

Ok.. dont think I can manage to do all that. So a few thing will be sacrificed. muahahaha. And I will have to pay for the consequences.

Lately I've been getting negative aura from my students. Haiyaa I can't really satisfy everyone can I. I hope they understand. **sigh**

Me and hubby had a great weekend together. Yeay. Now I've learned that simple stuff does make a different and we don't need to be so detail all the time. Sometimes its good to keep it simple. ;)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

world wide web

OK I've been around this issue for quite some time. need to test this out. See if it works.. Gambatee!

Feeling lost

I have a lot to write. But doesn't have the courage to pour it out here. There were times of ups and downs. Accidentally bumped into this song from seberang..

wahai Tuhan jauh sudah
lelah kaki melangkah
aku hilang tanpa arah
rindu hati sinarMu

wahai Tuhan aku lemah
hilang terumur noda
hapuskanlah terangilah
jiwa di hitam jalanku

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya Engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

Ya Robbi, ijinkanlah
aku kembali padaMu
meski mungkin takkan sempurna
aku sebagai hambaMu

ampunkanlah aku
terimalah taubatku
sesungguhnya Engkau
sang maha pengampun dosa

berilkanlah aku
kesempatan waktu
aku ingin kembali

dan meski aku tak layak
sujud padaMu
dan sungguh tak layak