Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010


Im a mess right now! My stuff is not organized. My works are not properly done. I hate this....

Need to refocus... and be calm..

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Bunch of stuff happened this month. I went for my Induksi (a compulsory course to get confirmed my job) for two weeks. Then me and hubby went to JB for my LI ( jalan2 visit student), met my good friend, kak mitra whom has taught me a lot of things in life. Then, my parents left for Cairo. After that they will be doing Umrah in Makkah Al-Mukarrama. Ouh well.. all of us are missing mak and ayah. :(

So I was thinking to write about what I've learned during my Induksi, and my short visit to JB. I think the last time I went to JB was 3 or 4 years back. But need to set my priority right. The conference is just around the corner and my database is not yet ready for a real user.

So today I started my old stuff again. I've been doing a few changes but this thing just wont take my changes and I can't articulate why. OK surprisingly... It is chrome that doesn't take the changes. When I tested in IE it works just fine. Now I feel bad for always bad mouthing IE. hehe.

Monday, May 31, 2010

my 1st flex web application

I'm not sure if I did a good job on it. Well just wait and see for the feedback.. if it ever get to be used. Anyway I just glad I've got something working. http://hidayahyatim84.s43.eatj.com/ISBCDevApp/isbcpapers.html After a bunch of trial and error. Honestly I don't like working this way. It would be really great if I really understand the method and makes me have control on stuff. Ouh well I still have a long way to go..

So my directory pretty much end up looking like this for the project. hehehe.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sufi Farisa

I could still picture her vividly. Her chubby face, how she talked, how she laughed, frowned. How she fond of hubby. and me too apparently. hehe. Well she pretty much liked everybody. She had so much energy in her. I'm really grateful I could be apart of her life. Even for a short while. It's just that I wish I had hug her that night and tell her how much I adore her..

I first met Sufi Farisa when she was a baby. That time when I visited hubby's house at Gombak (we were still bf/gf back then). Then she got bigger and she called me kak dayah. Later she called me autie-kak-dayah. Which was a bit long but really cute. heh. Hubby told me a lot about her. She was his first niece. and she was really manja with him. Like mama said wan spoiled farisa a lot. heh.

The thing that I remember most about her is the gaga song. She would sing the song enthusiastically with the hand and jumping here and there. Farisa liked to give advices too. She would advise us a lot of things. Like telling hubby not to call me honey but auntie dayah instead. She would read the doa when we got into our car.
She always told me to sit with her. And not to go anywhere else of course. Then her mom; kak long would told her not to ordering me around. hehe.

She was the center of attention in the family. Her loss is a great test put upon the family. I have learn that Allah put test to the people that He loves. I pray that mama and babah, kak long and abg firdaus, faris and fariha, hubby, fiq and yen, kak yam and kak ani, the whole family, are given the strength to pass on this test. Farisa is chosen by the Almighty to be in a better place. She will always be remembered. Rest in peace Sufi Farisa. Al-Fatihah.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little steps

I got to create my first WTP project that have Flex in the front end and Java in the back end by invoking servlet like normal Web App and deployed in Tomcat webserver. So I encountered a few problem that almost make me want to give up. There were a few tutorials that I followed but I think I want to put up the steps that I did and what I understand from the coding in MXML file, which is for flex, here. I don't want to make the same mistake twice of course.

So the tuts that I followed:

I'll be going home now~~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Ok so after a couple of weeks without any research or kopi or meow2 I need to refocus now. I think before I was stuck at installing WTP in Flex Builder. But later I got to resolve it by installing from different source which was not from Malaysia source, US if Im not mistaken.

Ok somehow I don't know where to start now